When GIMA Spa, a pioneering company among system manufacturers in the ‘Packaging Valley’ region of Bologna in Italy, was asked by Wrigley, a world leader in confectionery manufacture, to provide a standardised supervisory system that would provide OEE data across all its different client product lines, the company turned to Progea’s Movicon 11 SCADA for a solution.

The challenge required designing an auto-configurable system that was capable of connecting to machines independently of their type and configuration. This meant that a modular and flexible software platform was required: one that was capable of managing an all-in-one standard project, and designed to connect to any product line machine, irrespective of type or number employed, to obtain the necessary information on production status and provide analysis on productivity efficiency.

The Movicon Scada/HMI platform was chosen as the solution for achieving the stated system objectives and for reaching the pre-planned production goals quickly and safely.

OEE and downtime analysis

The system’s task is to connect to the machines and highlight working statuses, display alarms, defined as ‘blockers’, and store all significant data, construed as alarms and production data. This data is collected and displayed on the appropriate graphical summary screen pages, providing a clear overall picture of ongoing production situations in real-time, to enable managers to control the production process far more efficiently.

The main Movicon supervisor page informs users about production status by representing the production line machine images graphically. A screen page is provided for each machine in the system and these pages, when ‘clicked’, show all details and information relating to that production station. Complementing these pages, production line graphics appear automatically in conjunction with the number of machines enabled and operating in the production line at any particular time. A proprietary designed page has also been provided to manage production line batches and work shifts: the machines having been programmed to begin working only when assigned to a production batch.

The main objective is to record all data in database archives (Ms SQL Server 2000 was chosen from the various formats provided by Movicon) for performing statistical analysis that allow the end user, and builder, to obtain historical information in order to evaluate critical areas and intervene appropriately to improve production, reduce machine downtimes and increase the overall productivity index.

This data is managed in reports, where data on production, alarms and work settings can be displayed in table or graphical formats (pie charts or histograms). This data is selectable using filters to retrieve data by time period, batch number, or production batch.

The data displayed in tables can be exported in Excel files using the command provided. In the section dedicated to reporting, the system calculates and displays performance efficiency indices according to the OEE standard. At the end of each shift, the system will automatically create an Excel file containing production line information and send it to the predefined recipients by email (this function can be enabled/disabled as desired). The flexibility of the system means that the ‘target’ OEE value can be customised, without modifying the project, to get coefficient calculations for each specific production requirement.

Thanks to the statistical information provided by the system, the end user and builder are able to obtain all the information required to analyse production effectively. In addition, the machine downtime analysis function allows fast intervention, identification and analysis of the most frequent downtime causes, enabling the end user to optimise preventative maintenance to avoid the costs of lost production.

Remote analysis

All statistical information gathered from the Movicon OEE system is available to authorised remote users such as production line maintenance personnel, maintenance technicians or GIMA design engineers. Thanks to the Movicon Web Client, the supervisory system is accessible remotely. Web client users can view any information they require in real-time, or the results of statistical analysis, by accessing from any point via a browser on a PC or mobile device (i.e. smartphone).

The Movicon solution provided by GIMA not only meets all client requirements, but offers the added benefit of an unrestricted licence that allows users to purchase only what they need. This optimises the costs of the Movicon licence in relation to the size and number of plant production lines controlled.


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