SKF has announced targets for its new climate strategy and has partnered with the WWF in its Climate Savers Program. The SKF climate strategy includes aggressive targets for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for SKF, its suppliers and logistics operations, as well as from its customer solutions. To support its customers, SKF also announced the launch of the BeyondZero portfolio including products and solutions which will both improve energy efficiency and support more environmentally friendly energy production.

“With our new climate strategy, we intend to be a leader in our sector to reduce emissions from both our own operations, but also to lead the way in helping our suppliers and customers reduce their emissions,” says Tom Johnstone, SKF President and CEO. “We are very proud to join with WWF as the first industrial engineering company to be accepted into the Climate Savers program and look forward to continue using our engineering knowledge to make the world a cleaner place for us all.”

SKF and WWF agree that there is a substantial role for the business community to play as a driving force behind the transition to a low-carbon economy and intend to work together in the Climate Savers Program to reduce SKF’s emissions of GHGs, with particular focus on carbon dioxide (CO2).

The WWF Climate Savers program works with leading companies to cut CO2 emissions. The partnerships between WWF and corporations aim at delivering real, measurable and additional reductions in CO2 emissions.  The targets set must be demonstrably more ambitious than previous targets communicated by the company, and should place the company ahead of its competitors in terms of reducing greenhouse gases. Outside experts monitor and verify compliance with these agreements.