TM Robotics has introduced a new Toshiba Machine SCARA robot across Europe. Designated the TH650A, the new robot meets the increasing speed and productivity demands placed on SCARAs by all sectors of the manufacturing industry. A replacement for the old TH650 model, this SCARA has the same footprint as the previous version, which means more power in the same sized package. Payload is 10kg and arm length is 650mm.

The robot’s TS2100 controller uses the SCOL programming language, which is similar to BASIC. This language is used across the Toshiba Machine SCARA range, which means integrating the TH650A alongside older models is a simple process. Motion control commands include single axis motion, synchronous motion, linear interpolation, circular interpolation and arch motion. An extensive range of options includes Toshiba Machine’s TSPC programming software, for 3D simulation of the robot movement and additional IO. Ethernet and Fieldbus (DeviceNet, Profibus and CC-Link) communications provide advanced programming flexibility. Further options include linear or circular conveyor synchronisation, which, together with an easily integrated vision system, provide advanced pick and place functionality.