HBM Test and Measurement has released GlyphXE Version 3.0 software for analysing measurement data which has a number of new functions. These include the integration of MATLAB scripts to give new and improved analyses of rotating machines. GlyphXE Version 3.0 has been designed to provide users with quick information while ensuring they are not overwhelmed by the data.

The integration of MATLAB, the international standard for mathematical calculations and model-based development allows the use of MATLAB algorithms as a component of a GlyphXE analysis. This neatly combines the processing power of MATLAB within GlyphXE’s framework to easily manage and read data, display results and create automated reports. Another feature is the introduction of SOMAT SIE video file support. This allows measurement data, recorded with the HBM’s robust eDAQ amplifier system to be synchronously analysed with video data that is recorded in parallel showing the terrain or other visual aspects of the test regime.

The latest version of GlyphXE is said to improve user-friendliness and provide new context-sensitive online documentation. The software can be used to create transparent evaluations and generate reports rapidly and efficiently. All analyses are reproducible in defined steps to ensure comparable results from different test runs.