Design and manufacture of customised production machinery and automation systems has provided invaluable experience to the engineers of Lantec2000 over the past 25 years.
Based near Pamplona in northern Spain, the  engineering company has also developed and gained in depth knowledge by integrating laser welding, cutting and marking operations with their machines, providing high-tech turnkey solutions for their clients.
The company is capable of building customised machinery of almost any size from small parts assembly, test equipment and tooling to massive automatic crane girder welding rigs. A considerable number of its European wide customer base consists of major automotive components manufacturers.
Automotive parts produced on Lantec2000 machines include laser welded shock absorber sub assemblies, steering and suspension components, red hot anti-roll bar handling and bending, fuel tank manipulation and leak testing, laser welding and transfer of sintered gears, robotic palletising of car wheels, handling, positioning and welding of numerous metal pressings producing assemblies such as a variety of door and bonnet hinges, car seat, brake and seat belt component sub assemblies, engine mounting brackets and many more.  
Some examples of applications from other industries include a tube handling system with laser cutting to length and drilling D 1.1mm holes. A 25-axis machining cell for the production of hydraulic cylinders including laser welding. Laser cutting of holes in various shapes and sizes into fridge and freezer internal plastic linings. Robotised assembly cell for adjustable wrenches. Laser welding of thermal solar panels. A huge positioning rig for Airbus fuselage, robotic hot forge transfers and heavy turning modules for wind turbine blades.
Lantec2000 is a frequent robot integrator maintaining a close working relationship with all major robot suppliers who are able to offer global after sales service. Similarly the laser equipment is usually sourced from one well known manufacturer.
Laser cutting and drilling in metal or plastic is quick, precise, clean and suitable for consistent mass production. There is no need for swarf removal or deburring. Laser welding creates just local heat input resulting in virtually no distortion and a neat finish.
The scanner technology is an alternative to moving the laser head or the workpiece for the beam positioning. The laser beam is deflected and positioned by one or two galvonometric rotating mirrors.

Compared to moving workpiece axes scanner welding has a much higher processing speed. Small deviations of the mirrors cause long paths in the plane resulting in extremely fast positioning of the focal spot at different welding or cutting positions. The limiting factor of this technology is the size of the processing field. However, no tool changes are required just the product needs a quick repositioning either by robot or a transfer systems and the pre programmed laser motions can continue.
From concept design to commissioning every step of the machine building process is carried out under the roof of their modern offices and factory which consists of a large and clean assembly hall separated from the production and machining department.
Lantec2000 also supplies a range of heavy duty pneumatic grippers and clamps of their own design and manufacture.
The company is ISO 9001 certified but maybe more important for management and staff is the believe in Henry Ford’s statement: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”.
Lantec2000 has the capacity to further expand hence wishes to offer its abilities and knowledge also to British manufacturers who are invited to find more information by visiting and contacting their UK agent FS Engineering (Automation Systems) Ltd on 01423 541 133 or 07714 695 209.