‘Plug&Work’ is the latest initiative from Schunk that claims to make commissioning of its pneumatic pick & place units quick and easy. Schunk has now integrated standard sequence programs into its PPU-P10 pick & place unit, as well as for the connected gripping and rotary modules. As soon as the hose and two cables are connected, the complete unit is ready for use.

This new system ensures that additional programming efforts are no longer necessary. In the long term, the new VCU system is a time and energy efficient productivity booster whereas conventional pneumatic solutions completely lose compressed air from the air supply line during each and every cycle. To prevent this, five to nine integrated micro valves, depending on the VCU version selected, can minimise the compressed air and energy consumption.

All the valves are supplied via one single air line on the back of the VCU unit. For performing a complete cycle, the unit needs only one command from the master control system, everything else is done independently. The unit can be controlled via 10 digital I/Os, via Profibus or CAN-Bus.

Schunk Intec (Stand 5378)

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