Spelsberg has released a new video on the extensive testing the company conducts on its range of electrical enclosures. The video showcases how the company’s advanced capabilities contribute to ensuring the delivery of high-quality products that can be used in the most challenging environments. 

Watch Speslberg’s video on testing and certifying electrical enclosures here.

Spelsberg, a leader in the field of electrical enclosures, is now exhibiting some of the capabilities of its in-house testing facility in Germany on its Youtube channel. Viewers can see how Spelsberg’s laboratory is well equipped to conduct a variety of mechanical, thermal and physico-chemical tests on its enclosure, junction boxes and associated components for electrical installations.

The German facility is certified according to the VDE and UL standards to conduct relevant tests and issue certifications on behalf of the two organisations. More precisely, the laboratory can perform tests in accordance with DIN EN and UL/CUL standards to evaluate ingress protection (IP) ratings against water and dust; impact resistance (IK) and external mechanical stresses; as well as assess the enclosures’ resistance against flames, UV and electrical shocks. In addition, other specialist investigations can be carried out when required.

In this way, Spelsberg can push its latest products and components to the very limits of their performance capabilities and ensure they will withstand even the most challenging applications. Even more, these in-house capabilities help the company to offer individualised services and promptly respond to requests for customised and turnkey solutions, as there is no need to rely on third-party testing.

Chris Lloyd, managing director of Speslberg UK, comments: “Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our activities. We are committed to providing customers with the advantages of high-quality, reliable, safe and fully certified solutions. This is why Speslberg invests in best-in-class testing facilities and equipment. There is no better proof than the results from our analysis to demonstrate the top-performance of our enclosures.”