In 2016 the world becomes more ‘uberized’, augmented reality goes mainstream, cognitive technology is on the rise and the focus is on women in leadership. These dramatic changes are happening here and now. How are they going to affect us? 

What will the impact be? Frost & Sullivan’s trends for 2016 reveal the profound transformations happening today and identify new growth opportunities for companies with actions and steps to take to prosper and thrive.

Frost & Sullivan‘s new Top 16 Predictions for 2016 provides a detailed trend analysis on each prediction in the market that is expected to drive innovation and investment in 2016.

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“Each year our team of futurists put together a list of trends,” says Frost & Sullivan Senior Partner Sarwant Singh. “These predictions are essential for all CEOs and business leaders as they will help them form a clear and effective vision, with actionable intelligence they need to succeed.”

One of the most interesting trends identified by Frost & Sullivan’s analysts is money. “We have labelled this trend ‘fintech revolution’ a transformation that is taking place within the finance industry,” explains Frost & Sullivan Team leader Archana Vidyasekar. “This disruption is initiated by the demand for more flexible banking as well as payment services. Bitcoin introduces new exchange systems and pricing mechanisms.”

Women will also continue to be in the limelight in 2016. Today, one in five executives is a woman. This will increase in the future. Similarly, millennials are being recognised as a powerful driving force for change in the way business is conducted. We are also witnessing the decline in the number of middle skilled jobs in the US that are expected to deteriorate further as well as a continued shift towards the sharing economy and “uberization”.

“These profound social evolutions will give markets a specific and clear direction which we should all consider and apply to our businesses,” adds Senior Partner Sarwant Singh.

While we will see an increased number of women in power and more will be shared, with augmented reality applications for e-learning will gain prominence. In the future, these applications could completely change the way people learn and empower themselves.

This exclusive Top 16 Predictions for 2016 analysis is now available as part of Frost & Sullivan’s Mega Trends programme which also includes: The Future of the United States, Mega Trends in Africa.