Last week Danfoss Solar Inverters and sales partner Zenit participated in this year’s ICCI in Istanbul, a conference and exhibition show targeting the Middle East. The experiences and know how gained by Turkish companies are seen as a benchmark for the entire region.
The three days showed the potential of the Middle Eastern region, with especially Turkey taking the lead. Zenit will therefore provide Turkish installers with the opportunity to get in-depth knowledge of PV design and inverter technology. A series of over a hundred training sessions have already been started. 
Together with the Danish Ministry of Science & Education and the Danish Consulate in Turkey, Danfoss co-sponsored a Network Dinner with 70 participating companies during the exhibition. The guests counted some of the very large players in the Turkish energy sector.  
Using the ICCI as a platform Danfoss presented the MLX central inverter set-up during one of the conferences, with great success. In addition, Danfoss was asked to participate as key speaker in a new initiative during this year’s Intersolar called a “Turkish day” where the MLX concept will be further elaborated.