Ubisense Group has announced that its real-time location system developed in collaboration with IBS has been deployed at a major UK car plant. Under the global license agreement between the companies, the Mini plant in Oxford is the latest deployment in the BMW Group following installations in Europe, US and China.

The implementation covers the whole of the final assembly line at the Mini plant, and controls over 100 DC torque tools translating into over 100,000 tool/car matches in any one day. Automating the torque settings of the tool for each model variant is a key productivity driver for the system to deliver an impressively short return on investment.

The Location Information Solution (LIS), specially developed for BMW Group, combines real-time location from Ubisense with advanced quality management and traceability software from IBS, bringing the production process a step closer to ‘Six Sigma’ and the vision of complete traceability. The system tracks individual vehicles through on-line and off-line final assembly and determines the identity and location of each car in the assembly facility.