The IMX273 global shutter CMOS sensor from Sony’s Pregius family allows up to 245 fps and is characterized by its enormous sensitivity and high dynamic range. With these features, it is also capable of taking pictures in low light or of moving objects with ease. The 1.58 MP sensor is now available in combination with our uEye CP cameras measuring only 29 x 29 x 29 mm.

The uEye CP family now includes the UI-3040CP Rev. 2, UI-5040CP Rev. 2 and GV-5040CP models. You can freely choose whether you prefer to work with USB 3.0, GigE with IDS Software Suite or GigE Vision Standard. The powerful Sony sensor provides excellent image quality in each case.

These compact uEye CP industrial cameras handle small workspaces particularly well. Thanks to their lightweight, robust housing, they are ideal for applications on robot gripping arms, for example. The cameras also show their strengths during surface inspections, for detailed image analysis in medical technology or for monitoring traffic.