A single-chip device connectivity solution for IIoT and fieldbus.

  • First Industrial Ethernet node in 10 x 10mm with two ARM Cortex-M4 processor cores, on-chip Flash, analogue/mixed signal, and integrated PHYs
  • Fulfils the highest demand on flexibility, determinism, and performance in terms of multiprotocol capability and low latency for short cycle times
  • Enables developers to implement a profound secure by design concept compliant to the IEC 62443 series for industrial automation security
  • Improves the application design of high-reliable systems with built-in diagnostics and enhanced data integrity for IIoT-enabled services

How netX 90 delivers Next-Gen Connectivity

In essence, Hilscher’s netX 90 is a powerful slave-to-network gateway solution that supports data communications for motion control, sensors, actuators, encoders, remote IO, and even functional safety devices. It meets the five key requirements listed above and is the first (and only) microcontroller in the market to provide multiprotocol capacity for real-time communications for factory and process automation. netX 90 is housed in a 144-pin BGA, 10×10 mm package and includes two ARM Cortex-M4 cores, on-chip Flash memory, Fast Ethernet PHYs, DC/DC converter, and POR circuit. netX 90 connects to external networks using a single hardware design that supports all popular Real Time Ethernet and fieldbus protocols. For security, the chip is divided between the network-facing parts and slave-facing segments. These are logically isolated, separating the communications functions from the application tasks.

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE), called netX Studio, is provided free of charge. This powerful development platform has all the components required to configure, develop and debug embedded applications. It works out of the box with Hilscher‘s NXJTAG-USB adapter and NXHX 90-JTAG board.

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