A new, non-contact, laser-guided, smart welding camera for robots has been launched by Cyber-Weld and FANUC, exclusively to the UK.

Known as the FUJI-CAM, the system uses adaptive welding technology to automatically adjust the welding head. This improves weld quality and reduces production costs for end-users across all automated welding applications.

The FUJI-CAM integrates seamlessly into any FANUC ARC Mate series robot to provide the following benefits:

  • Precise location of a welding joint’s position, in under a second;

  • Optimum positioning through constant adjustment of the welding head;

  • Pressurised nozzle that protects the camera from welding spatter and fumes;

  • Best performance on shiny surfaces with Optical Anti-Reflection Technology;

  • Reduced number of defectives and waste through automated inspection and detection of weld joints;

  • Storage of weld information for quality control and traceability;

  • Friendly User Interface Technology (FRUIT™) for simple configuration and programming.

For more information, please visit the Cyber-Weld website or speak to a FANUC sales representative at sales@fanuc.co.uk.