The new Positioner Inspection 50 (PI50) broadens Sick (UK)’s portfolio of vision sensors with powerful new software tools for guiding complex robotic and machine handling tasks while offering excellent value. Advanced part position determination, inspection and quality assurance are facilitated by the user-friendly interfaces and versatile machine integration capability. The new Sick Polygon tool adds corner and edge position detection and edge condition assessment to Sick’s range of proven inspection software including the object finder, pixel counter, edge pixel counter and pattern detection tools. In addition, expanded functionality allows accurate position determination of taught-in and free-form Binary Large Objects (BLOBS) which may cause difficulties to less able systems.

Precision visual guidance of machines and robots is further improved by image calibration which generates object positions in millimetres, and optical distortions from short focal length lenses or sloping installations are accurately compensated. The simple system set-up is based on menu-based configuration software, with a variety of user interfaces on offer. These include the basic Sick SOPAS tool, the Inspector Viewer direct observation monitor and the integrated web server for operation via a standard Internet web browser. Flexible integration with machine requirements is assured through adaptable connectivity options, with digital I/O enabling a range of functions, and compatibility with Internet Protocols for Ethernet, TCP and UDP.