Weidmüller’s PROtop power supply devices deliver a power supply for the most demanding of applications.  Thanks to use of the latest Dynamic Current Limiting (DCL) technology, PROtop offers a very good dynamic range for the reliable triggering of circuit breakers and powerful motor starts. A high level of efficiency and a long service life help to save energy and significantly increase system availability.

Whether for use in applications with extreme vibration and temperature conditions such as those found in wind power installations, or in applications where space-saving and cost-efficient concepts for redundant power supply systems are required, PROtop sets new standards in the high-end range.

PROtop joins the well-established PROeco and PROmax power supply solutions and has proven to be uncompromising in terms of performance, efficiency and size, as well as boasting innovative device functions and a long service life. In short – PROtop is the best in class.

As a general rule, users of premium power supply solutions expect high overload and peak current capacities, which means that the power supplies should provide additional power reserves to ensure maximum reliability even during temporary overloads. These systems should also have a very high dynamic range for powerfully and rapidly pulsating DC loads such as switched engine loads, and a very high peak current capacity (power boost) for the reliably triggering of circuit breakers.

Customers from the automotive industry, manufacturers of filling and packaging systems and operators of offshore wind power installations all expect high levels of energy efficiency, reliability and long service life. Their power supply systems need to verifiably reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, and their production systems need to have high levels of availability and to operate reliably, but without taking up too much space, even in hard-to-access locations. PROtop fully meets all of these requirements without any compromises.

Nowadays, power supply systems in the premium range all feature a power boost function, which is either derived from the capacitor energy of the power supply unit or which involves the power level being reset to regular current after a pre-set boost period, with the triggering of circuit breakers often being seen as the sole focus here. The innovative new DCL technology used in the PROtop power supply systems, however, sets the boost period dynamically depending on the peak current. As a result, the circuit breakers trigger easily and reliably in the event of a short circuit (power boost of at least 600% for 15 ms), or a longer boost period is selected automatically in the event of lower overload currents, which means that heavy loads can be operated more effectively. A boost period of around 200 ms is provided for a powerful engine start with 300% start-up current, for example.

The PROtop power supply solutions include the MOSFET O-ring integrated into the systems for the first time, which allows for the direct parallel connection of power supplies (n+1 redundancy) and eliminates the need for a costly diode or redundancy module.

There is a choice of four different operating modes: continuous short-circuit operation, short-circuit operation with switch-off, single operation and parallel operation.  A range of different connections is available: pluggable PUSH-IN technology or screws for devices of up to 10A, or PUSH-IN terminals for devices of 20A or 40A. There is also the option of having circuit boards with protective coatings, for assemblies used in aggressive atmospheres, at temperatures of down to -40°C or at 100% humidity (non-condensing).

Weidmüller is currently offers PROtop as single-phase devices (24 V: 5 A/10 A/20 A/40 A), with 3-phase devices soon to follow. The single-phase devices have an input voltage range of 85 to 277 V AC, 300 V AC for 15 s, and an efficiency level of up to 95%. The PROtop is designed to have a service life of > 10 years 25 °C with an MTBF of > 750,000 hours, which significantly increases the system availability while also reducing costs. The 24 V devices have a width of 35 mm for the 5 A version, 39 mm for the 10 A version, 68 mm for the 20 A version and 124 mm for the 40 A version.


For further information, visit the Weidmuller website or call them on 0845 094 2006.