The Weidmüller stand at the Industry Expo Online virtual exhibition is now live and ready to receive visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just like a stand at a conventional exhibition, Weidmüller’s virtual stand has attractive displays of interconnection and automation solutions, together with news and information about all of the company’s latest products and innovations. Unlike a stand at a conventional exhibition, however, it has the outstanding benefit that ‘visitors’ can peruse it and all it has to offer any time they like, without leaving their desks!

Visiting Weidmüller at Industry Expo Online is easy: simply follow the link to On arrival, you’ll see a 3D representation of the exhibition stand and, with a few mouse clicks, you’ll be able to take a close look at any of the products and technologies on display, many of which are supported with video presentations and demonstrations. Another mouse click or two will bring more detailed information straight to your computer. And, of course, you can leave the exhibition whenever you want and return for further visits when it’s convenient.

Among the areas currently showcased on Weidmüller’s virtual exhibition stand are Klippon Connect terminals and the terminal configurator, Multimark marking and labelling systems, sensor actuator interface (SAI) distributors and cables, power supplies, u-mation products for Industry 4.0 compliant digital infrastructure, decentralised system automation solutions, UR20 remote I/O products and Varitector surge and lightning protection systems.

For each area, the virtual stand provides instant access to comprehensive information, together with links to the corresponding pages on the main Weidmüller website, where further product information, including data sheets and application notes, can be found.


You can also find access to our online stand and information on all our solutions at