AA Robotics have been appointed by Hyundai Robots as their representative in the UK and Ireland for the sales, support and service of the Hyundai range of robots.

This appointment provides access to six-axis robots and four-axis palletizing robots covering welding and handling applications from 6Kg to 500Kg, with a reach from 1.6m to over 3 metres. The IP65 finish on the robots make them ideal for harsh industrial processes  as well as for clean room disk and glass handling.

There are 25 robots in the general range and anticipated worldwide production volumes currently run at 12,000 robots a year. With compatible software packages, it is easy to program and use the robots in MIG welding, palletising, sealant and spot welding applications.

“We believe Hyundai Robots provides a competitive, cost effective, reliable and technically advanced robot for the UK market. We’re very excited at being able to add Hyundai Robots to our current DENSO range,” said AA Robotics General Manager Neil Billingham.

Hyundai Robots made their name in the manufacture of cars. They are produced by HHI Hyundai Heavy industries and have been designed for high speed automatic production lines with an emphasis on accurate and consistent path performance necessary for the most challenging manufacturing applications.

The robots are all CE approved and carry the IF Award winning pendant.