If you’re serious about sustainability in your manufacturing business, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Compressed Air.

In any manufacturing plant that uses Pneumatic Cylinders, compressed air will account for up to 30% of your carbon footprint. When you take into account the affect of leaks and other inefficiencies, a decent percentage of that energy (and of course, its cost) is probably being wasted. Day in, day out. Week after week, month after month.

With growing demand for more sustainable manufacturing, businesses are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their environmental performance. Recycling and using LED lights is no longer enough. Customers want to see real change – and are willing to take their business elsewhere if they don’t see it.

Compressed air systems account for a huge chunk of all Industrial energy use, but the efficiency is ‘often poor’ due to leaks, inappropriate use, ad hoc system expansion and poor control.

Air is free – but compressed air is not. Use alternatives where possible.

Source; The Carbon Trust

The alternative is IAI Electrical Actuators, which are much more energy efficient than traditional pneumatic alternatives. They have been the standard in Japan for many years but now UK manufacturers are also discovering they can move away from compressed air and opt for electrical actuators instead.

Electrical actuators use less energy than pneumatic cylinders, but the difference increases with the number of work cycles per minute. As the cycle frequency increases, the energy use of a pneumatic cylinder increases exponentially, while the energy consumption of an electric actuator remains constant.

Think about your business. If you’re building a new machine or planning a new production line and know the pneumatic cylinders are going to be working hard, using electrical actuators will give you even bigger energy savings and a better return on your investment.

Add on the fantastic benefits of easy programming, amazing repeatability, and unrivalled control and you will wonder why you didn’t look at IAI Electrical Actuators before. They will reduce your costs, increase your productivity, and can improve product quality!

So, if you really are serious about sustainability in your manufacturing business, click

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