With the introduction of openROBOTICS, partners COMAU and B&R are opening up new dimensions of robotics integration for machinery and production lines. The solution is based on a full lineup of COMAU robots that handle payloads ranging from 3 to 650 kilograms.

“With completely uniform programming for every component in the line – including the robotics – customers gain worldwide the full benefit of holistic approaches to operation, diagnostics and maintenance,” says Tobias Daniel, Head of Sales & Marketing at COMAU Robotics. “You won’t find another solution like this anywhere in the market.” Traditionally, robotics and machinery have always relied on separate controllers or gateways.

Perfectly synchronized

COMAU robots can now be completely and seamlessly integrated into machines and production lines equipped with B&R automation components, globally. “The customer simply selects the desired COMAU robot in the Automation Studio engineering environment,” explains Walter Burgstaller, B&R’s European sales director. “With mapp technology, the robot can then be effortlessly incorporated in – and perfectly synchronized with – the machine’s automation software. Conventional solutions with cumbersome interfaces will never achieve this kind of usability and performance.”