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Epix 1megaPixel cameras with Global Shutter

The SILICON VIDEO® 1C45 (colour) and 1M45 (monochrome) are 1 megapixel progressive scan cameras with a resolution of 1280 horizontal × 960 vertical, 12 bit pixels. The SV1C45 and SV1M45 cameras have windowing, column and row skip modes, snapshot mode, and a global shutter for capture of fast-moving targets.

Additional camera features include low noise digital signalling, small size, several interface cable options, and low cost. XCAP software provides convenient control and configuration of all camera operations out of the box. Software that provides extensive processing, measurement and analysis capabilities is available.

Asynchronous Capture with Strobe Output

The SV1C45 and SV1M45 cameras offer asynchronous capture to acquire an image or image sequence in response to a trigger signal. The cameras have a strobe output signal for synchronizing an LED strobe.

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Two new 2 Megapixel High-Speed CameraLink cameras from Sentech for Machine Vision applications

The STC-POCLC232A is a full featured, cost effective, 2MP (1600×1200 pixels UXGA) camera. It incorporates a Sony ICX274 1/1.8″ progressive scan colour CCD sensor and also comes in a monochrome version. It features a full frame, 30fps, CameraLink output, with partial scanning, triggering, and reset capabilities and also PoCL functionality. The miniature “cube” precision machined body is fitted with the standard C-mount.

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The STC-CMC200PCL is a new design which simultaneously achieves high resolution and high frame rates through use of a high-performance CMOS colour sensor. The CMOSIS CMV2000 2/3” sensor offers 2M resolution in a 2000×1000 pixels arrangement. Colour and monochrome versions are offered. A frame rate of 333fps is achievable with a global shutter, which allows images of moving objects to be captured without blurring. This is a compact camera and offers high specification at very competitive cost.

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To complement these cameras, ALRAD also offers a wide choice of compatible CameraLink frame grabbers from BitFlow, EPIX and Matrix Vision.

New FA Lenses for high resolution camera applications

In line with the increasing use of very-high resolution and large-format CCD and CMOS sensors in machine vision cameras, new FA lenses have become available, offering compatibility with these multi-megapixel cameras.

Vico Imaging manufactures many models of compact, high-resolution, high-contrast, low-distortion lenses for 5 and 9 Megapixel cameras. They work with 1/3” to 1” sensor formats and come in focal lengths from 8mm to 50mm.
Vico also offer other well-priced Machine Vision lenses, including compact and full-size Telecentrics. Vico Imaging is a Chinese manufacturer with 15 years’ experience of supplying optics to a number of well-known manufacturers in the Far East. They are now looking to supply high quality yet very competitively priced optics to the European market.

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BitFlow introduce the Neon-Dif

The machine vision industry is constantly advancing: new buses, new interconnect standards, new software standards. Yet many applications do not require cutting edge technology or require “tried and true” standards. Some applications are simply recycling older technology, why throw it out if it still works? For these reasons, BitFlow has engineered the Neon-Dif. We have taken our robust Neon platform and replace the camera link front end with a 32 bit differential interface. In some ways, this board is the best of both worlds, it melds the latest PCIe speed and features with older, but very robust, differential data devices.
Simplify your industrial, medical, or semiconductor imaging application with BitFlow’s Neon-Dif, the easiest to use and most reliable differential frame grabber available anywhere. The Neon-Dif captures images at up to the camera’s highest frame/data rate, with precision image acquisition suitable for the most demanding applications.
The Neon-Dif is designed for the OEM that needs the performance of the PCI Express bus, a differential interface, and one of the lowest price points in the industry. The target markets are applications where the current frame grabber is no longer available but the camera and application is still important. Another niche that this product fills is differential applications where the PC needs upgrading, but the frame grabber has a PCI interface. Motherboards with PCI slots are getting harder and harder to find. Finally, customers that want to port their application to 64-bit Windows are finding that their differential frame grabbers are not supported on newer operating systems. The Neon-Dif can handle all of these situations.
The Neon-Dif is not just for legacy situations, however. There are still a tremendous number of devices that output differential data; they may not even be cameras. The Neon-Dif, can acquire from just about anything, and efficiently DMA the data into host memory.
Adding the Neon-Dif to your application is simple with our SDK, which supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. The SDK provides high level APIs for sophisticated buffer management and low-level direct access to the board for speedy custom control.

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