Anvo-Systems Dresden GmbH, the specialist for non-volatile memory products,has expanded its product portfolio with the 64Kb ANV32E61ASA66 nvSRAM (non-volatile SRAM) with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)In the event of an unforeseeable operating voltage drop, the memory device enables storage of all data and increases the security of a modern industrial system. The non-volatile data retention of ten years ensures high system reliability.

The ANV32E61ASA66 non-volatile SRAM is specified for the Automotive temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. The memory device is suitable for innovative applications demanding extended temperatures, like industrial automation, robotics, industrial IoT based systems, building automation, smart metering, and black boxes (f. e. for vehicles).

For the space-saving integration, the ANV32E61ASA66device is available in a compact, RoHS compliant 8 pin 150mil SOIC package. The nvSRAM can be immediately deliveredby Anvo-Systems Dresden or its distribution partners worldwide.

The ANV32E61ASA66 nvSRAM features a storage capacity of 64Kb and is internally organized as 8 k words of 8 bitsEach SRAM memory cell integrates a SONOS flash storage element. In the event of sudden operating voltage drop, the SONOS technology enables non-volatile storage of all data in the PowerStore operation. On power up, the data are automatically restored in the SRAM. The ANV32E61ASA66 features aclock rate of 66MHzand unlimited read & write endurance comparable to standard SRAMs. Special security functions, such as Block Write Protection, Secure READ and Secure WRITE, ensure a high degree of reliability.

The integrated power down functionality (Hibernate Mode) ensures low system power consumption in standby mode.The serial SPI nvSRAM can be operated with 3.0V to 3.6V.


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