Problems for machinery and equipment within Tissue converting lines are frequently a result of heavy dust generation. FlexLink has developed a new conveyor, designed to cope with these conditions and practically eliminate unplanned stops and excessive maintenance.

The new conveyor platform X65Y, has been specifically designed to meet the tough demands of the tissue converting process. The robust design allows the paper dust to easily clear from inside the beam, resulting in a substantial reduction of stops, as well as an increase in the uptime of the converting lines. In addition, new transfer units have been developed for connecting the flow between conveyors and equipment, a critical point especially when it comes to rolls with a short cut length.

“The new X65Y conveyor platform has been thoroughly tested by key users on all continents, proving its capability and substantially increasing line uptime. The typical dust related problems are practically eliminated”, comments Hans Ostergren, manager of FlexLink’s Tissue Business Unit.

Whilst working to solve challenges in the Tissue industry, FlexLink has also been creating hygienic solutions for food handling. Designed for handling pouches, packets and food containers, the stainless steel wide belt conveyor range (WLX) is clean, safe, and silent. Pockets and crevices which collect dirt have been eliminated and the design made safe for operators thanks to minimal openings and the absence of sharp points and edges.

“Close dialogue with major brand owners and food manufacturers was essential in the development of our new platform. Users of the new platform see the end result in operational efficiency and good product safety” comments Tommy Karlsson, Innovation Manager at FlexLink.

Once installed, downtime of the conveyor is minimal due to the robust design, in addition to minimal power, water and detergent consumption, all helping to lower the total cost of ownership.

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