A new scheme to support UK manufacturers with energy costs was announced last week. While the Treasury’s announcement will undoubtedly be welcomed by businesses, it’s crucial the news does not reinforce a further period of paused investment.

Investing in equipment can drastically improve efficiency and productivity, but determining the best investment isn’t always straightforward.

Industrial robots have long held a mystique regarding cost, with very few robot manufacturers sharing the cost of a machine upfront. We’re here to set the record straight about what you really need to consider when purchasing a robot.


Got a price? Triple it.

Integrating a robot into an existing facility can have cost consequences that far outstretch the original price. Staff need training, equipment reprogramming — not to mention the potential for production downtime. Boston Consulting Group estimates that a realistic cost approximation is three times the robot price tag. And at TM Robotics, we agree.

TM Robotics specialises in the supply and installation of Shibaura Machine 6-axis, Cartesian and SCARA robots. We work with customers from the initial enquiry, right through to the date of installation and beyond. Contact us directly about ongoing training programmes.


Determine ROI

Once you have determined affordability, you need to understand ROI. Let’s say a SCARA robot, like the Shibaura Machine THE600, will be used to complete pick-and-place processes. Operating at a 0.31 second cycle time, the robot can run for three shifts a day, every day, completing the equivalent labour of six operators over a working week — you can already begin to see the labour cost saving.

Minus most — but not all of the labour saving (you’ll need human operators to maintain the robot, remember) — from the total robot purchasing cost and you have your estimated ROI for year one.

Of course, this isn’t an exact science, but it provides an idea of the long term cost advantages of investing in robotics and the potential yields in just one year.

Determining an accurate figure can only be achieved using a thorough cost analysis of your own facility. TM Robotics can help you with this if you are choosing to invest during this turbulent time. For more information contact the team at info@tmrobotics.com.