‘Eliminate waste and maximise efficiency’ – this is the overriding message from SSI Schaefer to all manufacturers attending Southern Manufacturing 2013.

SSI Schaefer, the UK and world’s leading provider of automated materials handling and integrated storage solutions, will be on hand to provide manufacturers with hands-on advice and guidance on a range of innovative, yet practical lean manufacturing processes and practices to boost productivity and reduce costs – focusing on materials handling, assembly and component containers and stock presentation.

SSI Schaefer is part of the Lean Factory Group UK, a consortium of seven innovative suppliers of equipment and services to the manufacturing sector.

Aaron Thornton, Regional Sales Manager, SSI Schaefer, said: “Every warehouse manager, production line manager is looking for ways to maximise efficiency and improve productivity levels whilst driving costs down. However, all too often there is a lack of time or resources to justify the changes needed to develop a streamlined, picture-perfect solution to achieving such gains.

“The integrated approach of the Lean Manufacturing Group brings together a wealth of disciplines, experience and expertise needed to devise and implement tailored, practical and efficient lean manufacturing solutions to help manufacturers improve their efficiency, competitive position and profitability – primarily it’s about working with people, upskilling workforces and providing them with the knowledge to move forward with their own lean journey .”

With a product offering ranging from a single plastic tote through to high bay warehousing systems and almost everything in between – all of its own manufacture – SSI Schaefer is a solutions provider that offers unrivalled in-house expertise in the design, build, installation and maintenance of major, and often bespoke, production and distribution centre operations across a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial sectors.

Typical products range from storage and transport containers, with more than 2000 different types of plastic totes, modular shelving, carton live storage and racking, fully automated picking solutions and rack-clad automated storage and retrieval systems. Having developed its own warehouse management systems and warehouse control systems, SSI Schaefer is also at the forefront of automation IT provision.

Lift off for PEI Genesis

SSI Schaefer have supplied and installed two Logimat vertical lift machines into the premises of PEI Genesis based in Southampton.

PEI Genesis is the world’s fastest assembler of precision connectors and power supplies. From the world’s largest global component inventory, PEI Genesis develop engineered solutions that support the military, industrial, medical, aerospace, transportation, and energy sectors.

Jerry Griffin, Facilities Manager, PEI Genesis, said: “We have a good, long standing relationship with SSI Schaefer having previously worked with them to provide us with both single storey and two-tier Regal 3000 modular shelving systems. We were first made aware of the new SSI Schaefer Logimat following research done into buying a new vertical lift machine to complement our existing operation.This was to  provide us with a high performance picking solution for our small parts in limited space.”

A key factor in the decision to purchase the Logimat machines was the rack and pinion lift mechanism – the advantage being there are no chains or belts , making it reliable and easy to maintain. The modular design also allowed SSI Schaefer to easily match the dimensions of an existing machine whilst maximising the available space for the second machine.

PEI Genesis now have a 6,0000mm high Logimat machine to meet their original requirement, in addition to an 8,500mm high machine required for a totally separate application.

A LogiMat storage lift can be compared to an oversized drawer cabinet with two stacks of trays (one in the front and one in the rear). Between those stacks operates a lift, which extracts individual trays as required and delivers them to the service window.

The Logimat space-saving storage system from SSI Schaefer is ideal for small parts storage and offers a high order picking performance – vertical storage solutions are an ideal alternative to store and order pick small parts in a compact and ergonomic way resulting in increased performance levels of up to 20%.

Due to its compact design, the system not only provides reduced energy costs but also provides a 90% storage space saving in comparison to conventional static solutions. Its modular design allows the system to be fully adjustable to individual requirements providing numerous design options with the flexibility to extend in the future.

With minimized order picking errors through its computer-controlled processes, Schaefer’s LogiSoft software can also be combined or integrated into an existing warehouse management system with ease.