Intended for accurate, repeatable dosing of small volumes of chemicals, colours or flavourings, the Low Volume Liquid Dispenser from The Deeter Group may be used to control any liquid being dispensed in a laboratory or manufacturing process.

The unit is designed to deliver a measured volume of liquid at the press of a button. In normal use, the operator selects a volume, presses a button and the dispenser delivers the required volume without further operator intervention. The volume required is simple to set and the dose is retained in non-volatile memory for repeat operations. Volumes between 0.025 litres and 10 litres can be selected in increments of 0.001 litres.

The dispenser will accurately measure volumes over a flow rate range of between 0.2 litres/minute and 2.5 litres/minute and will automatically compensate for the effects of varying flow-rates and changes in liquid temperature. A calibration menu allows fine adjustments to the compensation.

The Low Volume Liquid Dispenser has two John Guest Speedfit 8mm push-fit connectors for input and output of fluids. Wetted surfaces are nylon, PTFE, Buna and acetyl, making the Low Volume Liquid Dispenser suitable for a wide range of fluids over a temperature range of +1 to +65°C. Operator controls consist of a three-button keypad and a liquid crystal display. The display shows the selected volume and progress during dispensing. A number of additional features are available through the keypad, including pause and restart during dispensing, cancelling dispensing, and manual ‘top-up’ control.

The dispenser has a serial communication option to enable automated control and monitoring by an external computer using the software provided. Communication is via USB ‘A to B’ cable and the Low Volume Liquid Dispenser is powered by a low-voltage supply, making it safe to use in damp environments or if liquid is spilt. A 12VDC mains socket adapter is supplied with each dispenser.

An audible ‘beep’ option is provided to indicate when dispensing has stopped and a further option will produce continuous ‘beeps’ if the flow rate is outside of the limits for accurate volume measurement.