The renewable energy market is evolving. As the dependence is laid more heavily on alternative energy the technology and innovative nature of these solutions also needs to evolve. By introducing motion and control solutions into the renewable energy market companies are able to maximise benefits and produce a higher yield of energy, says actuator manufacturer Linak.

Electric linear actuators can be integrated into solar, wind and biomass solutions. The introduction of electric linear actuators are said to provide benefits including: Solar – controlling the orientation of solar tracking systems ensuring optimum sun exposure; embedded MODBUS for ease of control and reduction in cabling; a robust and weather tight design increases reliability. Wind Turbines – control locking mechanisms for the turbine wings; enhance the ventilation within a turbine; to control the turbine break; Improved access for ease of servicing. Biomass – automate the boiler hatch for safe refuelling and emptying.

Linak provides actuators assisting many manufacturers within the renewable energy sector, from small bespoke applications to large scale production and offers a flexible service to give the right product and aftercare. The company also recently built its own solar park producing energy to be consumed by its own manufacturing plant. For further information visit