The M12 connector is regarded as the global standard for delivering Power, Signal and Data. This is mainly due to it allowing for secure connections, meaning there is decreased risk of contamination from foreign debris. Additionally, it is both reliable and easy to use making it ideal for industrial automation applications.

HARTING’S M12 range offers a wide selection of pre-assembled cabling and field-assembly cable connector piece-part options. This vast selection allows for a high degree of adaptability, as well as minimising costs in automation applications. The option to use IDC technology (Insulation Displacement Technology) further allows for minimisation of costs as the tool-less approach means that downtime is decreased which is at the centre of the concept of Integrated Industry.

The latest addition to HARTING’S offering, M12 Power L-coded, is an answer to the automation industry’s increasing desire for energy and the need for power requirements for field devices. The L-coded offers increased capabilities within a smaller footprint, meeting the industry wide trend of miniaturisation, allowing for more space. HARTING has been instrumental in pushing forward with the development of a new industry standard- resulting in IEC 61076-2-111. Which has also led to the emergence of the new, universal mating face with L-coding. This new standardisation means that the M12 is now fully established in the power connector segment and this offers customers an increased level of security in their investment.

The M12 Power L-coded is ideally suited for applications such as power supply units, field distribution boxes and actuators as it boasts 0.75 Kw power at 63V/16 A. However as well as the classic M12 applications, future applications could see this power variant being used in combination with PushPull technology to address additional markets such as Transportation due to the high resistance to vibration and shock. This capability means that it can be used in rugged environments above and beyond the standard RJ45, making it a better choice for industrial applications.  The M12 L-coded is viewed within the industry as the future standard for power device connection.

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