A 450-page Imaging and Vision Handbook, regular training courses, mobile device apps and a dedicated video channel are just some of the comprehensive machine vision resources provided by STEMMER IMAGING. As Europe’s largest independent supplier of vision technology and services to industrial and scientific OEMs, system integrators and reseller markets, STEMMER IMAGING is keen to share its wealth of industrial vision expertise with its customer base.

The Imaging and Vision Handbook is an indispensable reference guide for all users of vision technology. Available in printed versions or as an e-book for Windows, Google Android and Apple mobile devices, the handbook provides detailed explanations of the different basic technologies related to illumination, lenses, cameras, image acquisition, software, cabling and systems as well as the functionality of important accessories.  Each of these categories is supplemented by a comprehensive product section containing all of the technical data needed to select the best components for a given application.

For assistance in the design of optics for machine vision systems, the LensSENSOR app is available for download from the Apple iTunes Store. This allows a number of key parameters such as focal length, object distance and object size to be calculated as well as the determination of the maximum object width and height, working distance and aperture angle after selecting the sensor size used. The app can also calculate the maximum resolution which can be achieved depending on the particular configuration.

Machine vision education for end-users and vision integrators alike is a key part of industrial imaging support. A regular programme of product-specific training, independent machine vision theory training and best practice training is run in conjunction with the European Imaging Academy, an educational initiative from STEMMER IMAGING. In addition, STEMMER IMAGING runs a Vision Technology forum, which in 2014 attracted over 350 participants and featured over 40 technical presentations covering a comprehensive range of vision technologies, as well as hands-on workshops for 2D and 3D vision systems and a mini trade show with over 30 exhibitors.

The STEMMER IMAGING website is also a valuable resource, featuring a dedicated video channel (www.stemmer-imaging.co.uk/en/support/videos) that provides a wide range of imaging and machine vision application, product and training videos. New videos are added on a regular basis. A series of useful ‘Technical Tips’ can also be downloaded (www.stemmer-imaging.co.uk/en/technical+tips).

At a practical level, a feasibility laboratory is also available where the company’s experts can work with customers to identify the optimum set-up for a machine vision project.

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