The 781S Series Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) spray systems provide consistent coating of low to medium viscosity fluids. Microliter to milliliter amounts can be reliably dispensed in round patterns with diameters ranging from 4.3 to 50.8 mm (0.17″ to 2.0″) and in fan patterns with widths up to 165.1 mm (6.5″). The combination of adjustable fluid flow, adjustable nozzle air and post-air cutoff provides excellent spray control.

The system includes compact spray valve, ValveMate™ controller and tank. The controller is set for length of time and air pressure required for precise coverage.

Programmable nozzle air delay after each spray cycle keeps the spray nozzle clog-free and reduces maintenance and downtime.

Main features are

  • High transfer efficiency
  • No overspray, no mist, no bounce
  • Adjustable fluid flow rate
  • Extremely consistent area of coverage
  • Cycle rate exceeds 400/minute
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Adjustable nozzle air

Part of the valve system is the  ValveMate Controller, that controls valve open time and nozzle pressure. Its compact size allows the controller to be mounted near the valve for easy setup and spray adjustment.

  • Multi-valve control- up to (2) spray valves
  • Partner to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Easy control for consistent coverage
  • Precise control of nozzle air pressure
  • End-of-cycle air delay prevents valve from clogging
  • End user convenience
  • Maximum machine efficiency

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