The Sentech STC-HD203SDV colour camera is the latest high definition camera from Sentech America. The camera uses a 16:9, 1/2.8inch format CMOS sensor (SONY ICX136LQJ). It has a resolution of 2.38 MegaPixels (1920 x 1080) with an active area of 8.5 x 7.3mm. The camera is compliant with HDMI (V1.2) standard giving 1080p@60Hz output.  An optional hand-held Sentech Jig is available; it allows control of certain camera settings via OSD, connecting directly to the camera without the need for a PC.  Alrad can also provide a 12VDC power supply. C mount lenses can be used – Alrad recommends 1.5MP resolution optics and offers a large selection of suitable lenses.

Epix E8 PCI Express frame grabber supports those high bandwidth CameraLink cameras.

The PIXCI® E8 PCI Express x8 frame grabber supports the highest bandwidth CameraLink cameras. The PIXCI E8 supports any single base, medium, full, or extended (i.e. 10-tap) CL camera or two base configuration cameras.  A switch on the PIXCI E8 selects between “Base, Medium, Full” mode and “Dual Base” mode.
The PIXCI® E8 acquires image data from a CameraLink camera at up to 850MBps sustained rate, and transfers the data to the PCI Express bus at burst transfer rates of up to 1.4GBps.  Furthermore, two PIXCI E8s working together can be used to support higher bandwidth CameraLink cameras (e.g. 4MP resolution at 386 frames per second for a sustained data rate of 1546MBps).
PoCL (Power over CameraLink) is provided on the two CameraLink connectors, allowing the use of cameras offering that feature.

The Hindsight 20/20CAM multi camera system can monitor your entire production line

You can monitor your entire production line with Hindsight 20/20CAM from Monitoring Technology by using multiple camera heads on a local area network. Interface multiple camera heads to one camera engine and either hardwire to a network or wirelessly transmit data to operator’s computer.

The Hindsight 20/20CAM packs the power of Hindsight System into a small high speed camera head. 20/20CAM’s high speed video is continually stored inside the camera “engine” with a massive SSD storage capacity. This “engine” offers full network capability, thus offering a complete camera and event history control from the plant floor or an office PC on the corporate internet. 20/20CAM integrates camera, XP embedded computing, a high-speed field programmable gate array (FPGA) and patent-pending software technology into a single package.

The camera can be supplied with a choice of lenses including computer controlled motorized zoom lenses.
The system is IP65 rated and can be made IP67 compatible. 
The Hindsight 20/20CAM is sure to become your plant-critical troubleshooting and predictive maintenance tool.

ISVI –CORP – CoaXPress cameras

ISVI Corp specializes in advanced camera technology for the very high resolution, high speed cameras for the Aerospace, Military, Automation, AOI, 2D/3D inspection and Wafer Inspection applications.

ISVI was one of the first companies to design and develop the CoaXPress cameras with 4 BNC connectors, for applications that require high resolution combined with high speed.

The CXP technology uses 4 coaxial cables or channels and each channel can transmit up to 6.25GBps giving a max of 25GBps for all 4 channels. Using the coaxial cables will increase the data bandwidth, with cable lengths of up to 40 meters compared to the maximum standard CameraLink cable length of 10 meters.

The ISVI CXP cameras speeds can be configured from CXP-1 to CXP-6. You can use 4 cameras to one frame grabber at a slower speed by configuring the camera to CXP-1, or you can use 1 camera at a max speed using the CXP-6 configuration.

The ISVI new 29MP and the 12MP CXP cameras are available as Mono or Colour (8bit/ 10bit/12bit Raw Bayer). The 25MP CXP camera is available in Mono or Colour (8bit/10bit).  All cameras have auto or manual white balance, gamma setting, low noise and high dynamic range, with 25G shock and vibration rating.

The lens mount is available either as F-mount (with flange back of 46.5mm) or the M42-mount (with flange back of 17mm).
ISVI offer M42 Telecentric lenses for high accuracy and no distortion.

With these new TVI colour linescan cameras you can make a clean sweep

The new SWEEP camera series from TVI includes CCD and CMOS prism based colour line scan CMOS cameras. The CMOS cameras are based on new custom line scan sensors. Pixel size is 20 µm x 20 µm. Maximum line rate of the new cameras reach  80klines/s. CCD Prism based colour line scan cameras are Sweep+ offering 3CCD, 4CMOS or 4CCD sensors with 512k, 1024k or 2048k pixels. The Sweep+ high speed camera series offers 3CMOS and 4CMOS, 2048 pixel sensors. Sweep+ 3CMOS camera has RGB colour channels and Sweep+ 4CMOS camera has RGB+NIR colour channels.

There are also special offers on XIIMUS and PRIIMUS cameras. For details phone 01635 30345 now.


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