Only twelve months after launching two new paint robots, FANUC has supplied 32 P-250i robots into three UK manufacturing sites. The figure exceeds the total of all paint robots installed in the UK, over the last three years, by 151% (based on BARA annual robot statistics).

Driven by the technological demands of coatings such as 2K polycarbonates and the need for consistency and quality, FANUC has incorporated many enhancements into the latest robots that increase production efficiency and reduce paint wastage. The FANUC P-50iB and P-250iB are designed with features that make them well suited for automotive finishes and general industrial use.

The P-50iB has a compact design and still manages to provide a large working envelope, with 1.4Mtr and 1.8Mtr reach variants. Added to the option of mounting the robot to a wall or a ceiling, the compact design allows booth size, and therefore volume of extracted air, to be kept to a minimum.

With a payload of up to 15kgs the P-50iB allows all types of spray gun, applicator and accessories to be used precisely, with rapid and accurate path control to optimise quality and to reduce overspray. To view the full story visit

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