The relocation of Swindon’s Porsche Centre to a new site at Blagrove provided a perfect opportunity for the Parts Department to explore new options for storing components and other materials in a confined area within the building.

The new Porsche Centre opened last November and the fit out of the Parts Department commenced after the site was handed over. This department is a vital part of Porsche’s wider Aftersales Team. It ensures there is excellent availability of parts in order to deliver ‘first-time’ fixes for as many customers as possible, thus helping to deliver great customer satisfaction. The Parts Team is responsible for providing first class service, not only to ‘front-of-house’ retail customers, but also to trade customers and workshop technicians.

To guarantee rapid access to all parts and accessories, Porsche chose SSI Schaefer’s LogiMat vertical lift machine, which occupies a small footprint of just 9.44 m² and uses the vertical height of the building to store product. More than 4000 small and medium-sized part SKUs are housed in the LogiMat, which effectively acts as a storage and retrieval system, with a broad range of components stowed in compartmentalised plastic containers on trays.

Utilising a rack and pinion mechanism, the system is operated by a touchscreen and the trays are delivered on demand to an ergonomically positioned ‘window’, where the operator can immediately select the parts required for customer orders. Stock control and picking accuracy are ensured using LogiSoft inventory management software in combination with LogiPointer, a laser-guided pick by light system.

SSI Schaefer also installed fully adjustable Regal R3000 shelving on an adjacent mezzanine to accommodate larger parts, promotional goods and clothing.

Richard Glover, Parts Manager at Swindon commented, “The LogiMat machine enables us to store virtually all our spare parts within a small footprint. The confined space within the Parts Department presented no problems for the installation and commissioning of the machine, which was fully installed within a three-day build program. It is a very straightforward, easy to use piece of equipment.”

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