Computer vision company, Prime Vision, is proud to confirm it has adopted ISO 26000 to demonstrate its strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.   This international standard provides guidelines for companies and organisations to operate ethically, transparently and in a way that contributes to the health and well-being of society.

The standard has allowed Prime Vision to develop a framework to monitor initiatives and create new ones.  Its focus for the coming year will be on social responsibility and sustainability with special emphasis on care for the environment, the company’s role as a good employer and its place in society overall.  Progress will be monitored and, if necessary, adjusted quarterly and evaluated annually before the start of the next action plan.

Specific projects for the current year include a hardware recycling programme, back to school kits for children in disaster zones and a mental health campaign for Prime Vision employees who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Vision is proud of its culture of inclusiveness.  Employee welfare and workforce diversity are important elements in the company.  Individuals are appointed on merit alone, irrespective of any disability.  Those with special needs are nurtured and supported to develop their skills; it’s a win-win formula for all concerned. 

“ISO 26000 serves as a pledge of our commitment to a better future,” concludes Eddy Thans, Prime Vision’s CEO. “We also want to lead by example and hope our initiative will inspire our partners and customers sign up too.”