Unique Quick Release technology allows full change outs of wetted parts within seconds, reducing downtime for greater productivity.

Nordson EFD, introduces the xQR41 Series MicroDot™ needle valve.




  • 60% smaller form factor than standard valves: The xQR41 valve’s small profile of 66 mm length x 23.7 mm diameter (2.60″ x 0.93″) enables multiple valves to be mounted closer together for greater output per batch.
  • The valve’s unique QR clasp secures the fluid body to the air actuator and can be removed with a turn of a thumbscrew – no tools required.
  • Pneumatically-operated, adjustable valve to apply precise micro-deposits as small as 150 µm (0.15 mm) (0.006”) of low- to high-viscosity fluids onto a substrate.
  • The xQR41’s exchangeable modular design can be configured with stroke adjustable or non-adjustable cap, BackPack™ valve actuator, low-profile mounting block, and 90° air and fluid inlet fittings.
  • The fluid body can be aligned and locked at 360° intervals to accommodate mounting, positioning, and fluid inlet alignment needs. It can be installed on many automation platforms.

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