Reducing Pain and Risk Using 3D Neural Stereo Vision

This year the company will be presenting on two topics of interest. Thor Vollset’s talk is titled ‘Reducing Pain and Risk Using 3D Neural Stereo Vision’ which will inform the audience on how the use of AI combined with stereo vision is having a dramatic effect on the performance of high speed optical inspection and processing in factory automation. The presentation will include case studies of real world applications where high speed inspection and 3D robot guidance is achieved simultaneously using a combination of 3D camera technology for real time measurement and neural networks for product inspection – previously highly challenging tasks with classic machine vision. The benefits of such technology include the ability to recognise certain conditions in meats and fresh produce before they are packaged by the robots. This translates to increased efficiencies and reduced costs for the manufacturer.

The Raspberry Pi Camera Revolution

Paul Wilson will be presenting on the fascinating growth in Raspberry Pi imaging. ‘The Raspberry Pi Camera Revolution’ will inform the audience on the vast range of camera products that have been developed in response to the incredible uptake of the Raspberry Pi in industry. Designed originally for the education sector and hobbyist, the Raspberry Pi is now widely used for industrial vision applications. 2022 marks the 10th year of the Raspberry Pi which is available with a limited number of official camera modules. Utilising the technological growth in mobile phone camera products, there has been an explosion in the availability of very high resolution sensors with high frame rates and good responsivity for single board computer platforms including the Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson and others.

The outcome is the massive uptake of very low cost imaging packages for such diverse applications such as; in space satellite operations and on earth in the automation of vegetable tending in vertical farms.

Exciting news for 2022 is the forthcoming availability of 100mp sensors for the single board computer embedded cameras.

Scorpion Vision is a distributor of Arducam camera products and holds stock in the UK for sale from the Scorpion Vision web shop

Scorpion Vision Sponsors the Bristol Robotics Laboratory

In March 2022, Scorpion Vision engineers installed some ‘Machine Vision Cells’ in the newly built engineering building, Z Block at the University of the West of England in Bristol. Scorpion Vision is very pleased to be sponsoring the Lab with dedicated machine vision equipment designed to allow students to experiment with specialist industrial cameras and LED light sources.

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