Siemens has strengthened its Partner 2020 programme in preparation for the future of manufacturing. A number of significant appointments, including Andrew Reeks as the new UK & Ireland Partner Strategy Manager, demonstrate Siemens’ commitment to authorised partners and helping them bring proven and quality solutions to customers across the region.

Andrew Reeks will be working alongside and leading an enhanced Authorised Partner team. An additional 20 account managers have now been recruited to support the Siemens Partner 2020 programme. This will ensure partners not only readily receive the benefit of Siemens’ combined knowledge and understanding of manufacturing, grounded in 170 years of history; but also that together Siemens and its partners have the insight to advise manufacturers on future technology trends.

Siemens and its partners will help manufacturers make sense of an increasingly complex landscape and make wise investments in technology to remain globally competitive. Through the partners’ local expertise and technical know-how, Siemens aims to increase the speed and scope of technology deployment across the region bringing faster productivity gains and cost efficiencies for UK and Ireland manufacturing.
Andrew Reeks states, “The enhanced programme is focused on providing Authorised Partners with the ideal platform to offer the best possible solutions to customers. By ensuring there is sufficient resource within Siemens, we can not only deliver the learning tools to enhance product understanding but also build an in-depth knowledge of our authorised partners’ businesses and provide tailored support in a fast and accurate way.”
Andrew Reeks continues, “Alongside our partners, we can help industries increase efficiency by investing in the latest technology, providing constant support along the way to make sure end users are maximising productivity. We don’t just offer the technology, we ensure that it is correctly integrated within the current infrastructure, works as efficiently as possible and doesn’t disrupt production levels on site.”
With extensive experience across the UK manufacturing supply chain, Andrew is committed to Siemens’ vision of making the Future of Manufacturing a reality in the UK & Ireland in close conjunction with authorised partners. Highly knowledgeable in areas including manufacturing, chemical, labour and energy costs, Andrew has an acute understanding of the implications these have on operational management.
“We understand the risks manufacturers face as they look to modernise technology to prepare for the future of manufacturing,” states Andrew Reeks. “Having production halted while modernisation takes place is impractical for business. Alongside partners, we can ensure that production is continuous, support is seamless and efficiencies are delivered.”