Siemon has announced a new WheelHouse Interactive Data Centre Guide designed to help managed service providers (MSPs), data centre owners and operators identify the right Siemon solutions for solving common data centre problems.

The new interactive guide is a visually appealing, easy-to-use web-based and mobile-friendly platform that guides users through a data centre space where they can select from the key challenges facing data centre professionals today. These challenges often relate to: fast deployment of IT infrastructure which is scalable and future-proof, reducing risk and preventing unexpected cost, ensuring low latency, performance and reliability, and achieving operational efficiency and lower operating expense.

Users can then delve into specific Siemon solutions, such as cabling and connectivity options, cabinets and infrastructure management tools that help them meet that particular need.

With the growing demand for computing power, operators are often under immense pressure to expand data centre capacities or rapidly deploy new facilities to bring services online as quickly as possible. Siemon’s V-Built pre-configured cabinets can significantly speed up the expansion process because they are pre-assembled with connectivity and components and can be deployed at a much faster rate than traditional cabinets.

Equally, mitigating risk to prevent data centre outages and subsequent losses in revenue requires protection both from internal and external threats. Siemon’s Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) solution provides real-time monitoring of all physical layer moves, adds and changes and reports any unauthorised events.

For each Siemon solution presented, users have the option to learn more and access detailed product specification and ordering information on the Siemon website.

“Selecting solutions for the data centre can be an overwhelming process due to such a wide range of connectivity, cabinet, thermal management and power distribution options,” says Peter Thickett, product manager for data centre systems at Siemon. “Instead of introducing customers to Siemon data centre solutions as siloed, individual products, our new interactive guide comes at it from a new perspective by illustrating important challenges in an eye-opening way. The guide then lets users quickly drill into solutions and services to meet their needs.”

From the WheelHouse Interactive Data Centre Guide, users can either zoom into individual data centre spaces to access the challenge associated with that space, or they can simply move directly to individual challenges and solutions using the optional menu.

To access the new online WheelHouse Interactive Data Centre Guide, go to: