The new PSR-SWITCH from Phoenix Contact is an electronic coded safety sensor for flexible safety door and position monitoring applications. Thanks to the integrated RFID technology and intelligence it provides maximum protection against manipulation and the highest level of safety in accordance with EN ISO 13849 and EN ISO 14119.

PSR-SWITCH offers series connection of up to 30 sensors back to one safety logic device(safety relay or controller) using our SACC range of cables and connectors to further reduce wiring effort and wiring errors.

Using the PSR-MC82 safety relay and the integrated smart diagnostic channel, status from each sensor can be passed via IO-LINK to higher level control or visualisation.

The smart sensor incorporates the properties of a safety relay. LEDs indicate the current status of the sensor at all times. The highest level of safety is achieved through the use of 2 dual inputs and outputs. A local restart is also integrated and can be utilised via the SACC cabling range.

The PSR-Safety sensor was developed to ensure compliance with the current standard, EN ISO 14119 which applies to Interlocking devices associated with guards.

In particular this standard concentrates on principles of design and selection as well as common issues associated with serial connection of guard safety devices.

It is a common approach to series connect devices with potential free contacts back to a single safety logic device which performs the diagnostics for the overall safety of the machine or system. This can lead to a common problem known as “FAULT MASKING”,

 FAULT MASKING is caused by damage or interference in the device or wiring associated with the series safety circuits. This can lead to loss of the safety function and therefore create a potentially hazardous situation. Take a look at the video.



  • Up to PLe/Cat4/SIL3
  • Three types of RFID coding for maximum manipulation protection
  • Standard M12 connectivity
  • Flexible mounting
  • Integrated restart function
  • Flexible cabling options
  • IP65/IP67/IP69/IP69K
  • RFID Technology
  • Integrated diagnostics
  • I/O Link integration (Coming very soon)


Using PSR switch will ensure you meet the necessary standards and save time and effort in the process. Keep a look out for future developments in the PSR-SWITCH range.