Eaton’s Electrical Sector is launching new XV152 touch display PLCs which offer a high-performance HMI/PLC and with an integrated SmartWire-DT master. The new XV150 devices feature resistive touch technology and colour TFT displays. They also offer high quality aluminium fronts with protection to IP65, robust metal housings and a flat design. The HMI/PLC’s are available with 5.7, 8.4 and 10.4in touch displays.

SmartWire-DT is a connection and communication technology from Eaton: The uniform and open system replaces the control wiring in all components, from the circuit-breaker to motor starters and frequency inverters, right through to pilot devices and sensors.

The new XV152 device series with a SmartWire-DT master is based on the XV152 HMI/PLC and stands out on account of its compact dimensions and high performance: This is provided by a 400MHz RISC processor and a 128MB onboard memory (also expandable as required with an SD memory card). All HMI/PLCs can also handle demanding PLC applications.

The SmartWire-DT master integrated in the device is a new feature: Previously, the connection required a gateway which was linked to the XV100 HMI/PLC via CANopen or Profibus. Eaton has now elegantly and efficiently designed the SmartWire-DT interface, and has integrated the master directly in the touch panel. Eaton will be launching five XV102 HMI/PLCs with a SmartWire-DT master from Q3/2011. The following display sizes and interfaces are available: A 3.5 inch as well as 5.7 inch and 7 inch screen with RS485 and CANopen or Profibus DP/MPI.

This SmartWire-DT master integration is said to offer several user benefits. The SmartWire-DT line can be configured simply and conveniently via CoDeSys. The technical data of the SmartWire-DT interface is the same as that of the previous SmartWire-DT gateways, i.e. users can access the full range of functions and can connect up to 99 slaves to a SmartWire-DT master. In line with the ‘connecting instead of wiring’ principle, the SmartWire-DT interface connects all the way into the PLC without the use of an intermediate circuit. Users also save the additional device costs of a separate cabled gateway.

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