The new HepcoMotion PRT2 ‘1-Trak’ continuous motion system is said to give designers complete freedom in 2D bearing track design. It allows every conceivable configuration to be realised, far exceeding the scope of traditional technology that is limited to simple combinations of straight lines and curves. Indeed, with this new addition to the PRT2 family industry has an unprecedented choice of HepcoMotion products from which to create cost efficient, space saving and highly reliable automation.

The HepcoMotion ‘1-Trak’ system is manufactured from a single piece of material, and provides exceptional strength and accuracy. Resultant systems are seamless and free running with no possibility of misalignment during installation or in service. Smoother, quieter motion is also achieved.

In addition to facilitating a high degree of flexibility in track configuration, the  three-bearing geometry, combined with the track shape, ensures that the carriages exhibit zero play. HepcoMotion ‘1-Trak’circuits can therefore accommodate much tighter bends than is possible with other systems.

HepcoMotion (Stand T36)

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