USB3.0 Vision interface offers a low cost but high performance cameras

The Imaging Source is proud to introduce its new family of CMOS and CCD cameras using the new fast USB3 Vision interface.  DFK23UV024 is a colour CMOS camera capable of 100fps video capture at WVGA resolution. Other colour and monochrome models are now available with resolutions up to 5Mpixels, with 10 and 14Mpixel cameras to follow.  These cameras are only marginally more expensive than USB2.0 models but offer significantly higher performance.  They are of course compatible with all standard industry drivers, and come with the control and capture software and SDK included.

Extensive range of board cameras for OEM applications

The Imaging Source offers a range of Board Cameras for industrial applications. The range consists of CCD and CMOS sensor products with USB and Firewire outputs. Cameras are available in monochrome and colour.

The CMOS USB range has resolutions from 744 x 480 to 2592 x 1944 pixels. The CCD USB and Firewire output range has resolutions from 640 x 480 to 1600 x 1200 pixels.

High performance CMOS image sensors offer limitless possibilities

Dynamax Imaging LLC

Dynamax Imaging offer both NIR Line scan and Area Array CMOS image sensors with global shutter.  They are widely used in many applications, such as multi-touch flat panel display Inspections, Machine Vision, Security, Surveillance, Intelligent Traffic / Transportation System (ITS), Life Science, Scientific Imaging, Biometrics, HDTV Camcorders, TV Broadcasting, Photography, Entertainment, Cinematography, Government and Military markets. Area array sensors range from 2.1 to 17.4 Megapixels. Line scan sensors range from 500 x 1 pixels to 2080 x 4 pixels. 

CMOS Sensor, Inc.
Industrial automation and quality control will become extremely easy with their new line of Industrial Line Scan Cameras.  CMOS Sensor Inc i-cis product line finds application in inspection of solar panels, paper, textiles, LCD panels, etc. 
Their recent introduction of Space Qualified Sensors has propelled the company into the world of space, aviation and military applications.  With sensors currently orbiting the Earth and the Moon, CMOS Sensor, Inc have witnessed their technology to be successful and qualified by the most demanding customers.

Single board camera module for those industrial vision applications

The mvBlueFOX-MLC module from Matrix Vision is a fully featured compact but versatile single-board camera, perfectly targeted at cost and space sensitive OEM applications. A superior image quality in combination with a high frame rate make the camera ideally suited for embedded applications. The driver in combination with the FPGA represents a perfect team which reduces the PC load to a minimum. This compact industrial camera series has a USB2.0 interface. Modules are available with high quality gray scale and colour CMOS sensors of various resolutions. The module has 8MB on board memory. Hardware look up tables are available for 10bit to 8bit.  A variety of miniature lenses can be supplied.

Structured light lasers for imaging applications

Line Generators for Machine Vision Offer Improved Performance

The Coherent range of diode-laser based line generators deliver enhanced flexibility, unique output optimization capabilities, and extended lifetimes.  This StingRay series of line generators, manufactured by Coherent Inc. will enable the construction of faster and more accurate machine vision systems that utilize 3D triangulation. 

The StingRay series mates a diode laser with high performance electronics and precision refractive optics for collimation and line generation covering the widest available range of fan angles.  They also incorporate optional diffractive elements for creating complex output patterns.  Stingray models are available with output powers as high as 200mW and at key wavelengths throughout the 450nm to 1550nm spectral range, including the popular 450nm, 520nm, 635nm, and 660nm lines.  

World Star Tech offers an extensive range of laser modules and sensors.

World Star Tech is a dynamic company started in 1996, focusing on laser applications. 

As the company grew, they expanded their product line into sensor, measurement, biomedical, bio-analytical and laser illumination areas. Today, they are a leading manufacturer and designer of laser modules and laser sensors. 

Their products have been successfully used in a wide range of diversified applications from machine vision, alignment, and process control to biomedical technology. World Star Tech’s product line includes an extensive range of laser modules and systems with wavelengths ranging from 405nm to 1064nm with various power ranges. 

Optical components and thin film coatings

Reynard Corporation manufactures custom optical components & thin film coatings for use from 0.2um to 50um (UV to far IR), to demanding specifications for military, aerospace, medical and telecommunication applications. 

In-house services include design support, optical and mechanical fabrication, photolithography, component sub-assembly and MIL-Spec environmental testing.
Reynard’s extensive manufacturing programme includes:-

  • Optical filters (for operation between 400nm and 9.5um)
  • Prisms, mirrors, windows, flats, retardation plates and beam splitters
  • Custom coatings

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