OMRON is investing in Techman Robot, the world’s second-largest collaborative robot brand, for a 10% stake.

In 2018, OMRON entered into a strategic alliance with Techman to meet the increasing automation needs generated by labour shortages. Since then, Techman’s TM Series collaborative robots have been sold as a co-branded product globally through OMRON’s distribution network.

OMRON and Techman have also jointly developed the Mobile Manipulator, a mobile work robot that combines OMRON’s mobile robot and the TM series, to enable manufacturing sites where humans and machines collaborate. Through this investment in Techman, OMRON aims to jointly develop innovative robot solutions that combine OMRON factory automation equipment with Techman’s collaboprative robots, ensuring both safety and productivity and offering a solution to the issue of labour shortages at manufacturing sites.

“The environment surrounding the manufacturing industry is changing significantly. Anticipating these changes, since 2016 OMRON has pursued advanced manufacturing with the unique value-generation concept “i-Automation” to resolve issues that manufacturing sites face. We have focused on robot technology and market development since OMRON acquired industrial robot maker Adept Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015,” said Junta Tsujinaga, President of OMRON’s Industrial Automation Business Company.

By strengthening its robotics business, OMRON aims to enable the creation of manufacturing sites that accelerate the realization of its “i-Automation!” concept, benefitting customers and enriching people’s lives around the world.