The latest release of Panasonics Sensor catalogue is now available detailing information on its comprehensive range of sensor products.

Detailed information can be found of its vast range of innovative photoelectric sensors which include Laser, Fibre and Measurement sensing technology including details of the new HG-S Series Contact Measurement sensor and the extremely popular HG-C Laser Measurement sensor.

Also included is the new EX-Z series sensor that is one of the smallest built in amplifier sensors in the world.  To have an opportunity to test an EX-Z free of charge and enter our competition to win a Panasonic Screw Driver please visit

In addition their comprehensive range of Safety Light Curtains and Safety Sensing devices is detailed including the ultra-slim SF4-C product for application where space is at a premium.

Pressure and Flow sensing is also covered with it DP and FM series products in addition to a comprehensive range of static removal devices wide area and miniature fan based products

For your free copy please contact Panasonic Electric Works UK Ltd on 01908 231 555 or email