MVTec Software has launched a new maintenance release of its machine vision standard software HALCON 11. This release, HALCON 11.0.1, fixes bugs and offers improved features to the market.

HALCON is able to read multiple types of barcodes in one call. In this auto discrimination mode, the barcode reader of the maintenance release 11.0.1 is more robust and considerably faster. Furthermore, the barcode reader can now identify slanted codes, and its memory consumption has been reduced. HALCON also provides a data code reader. With the release 11.0.1, this data code reader consumes less memory.

With the new HALCON 11.0.1 maintenance release, its integrated development environment, HDevelop has been extended with an inspection window for 3D object models, which now allows to visualise a 3D object model and to view various properties of it.

The HALCON codelet classes have been extended with two new classes which provide functionality to acquire and display images. They can be used as templates for new .NET applications or directly within newly developed code. In addition, the 11.0.1 release has been extended with HDevelop example programs for image acquisition interfaces that grab 3D data. These HDevelop example programs show how to generate 3D object models from the acquired 3D data.

Registered HALCON customers can download the new release for free at

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