A wider range of detection from just a 38mm sensing face

Carlo Gavazzi have launched the new 6 metre long range ultrasonic sensor UA30CAD60 to its extensive product portfolio offering long operating life, optimum precision and reliability.   

Featuring a 6 metre long sensing distance, these sensors are available in either a plug or cable M30 cylindrical housing with Ø39mm sensing head.  The UA30 offer’s excellent contactless position and distance measurement detecting any target regardless of its colour, transparency or surface whilst the digital filtering makes the sensor immune to most electromagnetic interferences.

Digital outputs can be selected in standard output mode with two set points or adjustable hysteresis mode with minimum of 2% and the accuracy is 1%.  Analogue output is either 0-10V DC or 4-20mA with either a positive or negative slope while the digital output being NPN or PNP/NO or NC.   Reliable detection and an easy teach-in function with two simple clicks of the teach-in button whilst the reduced housing length makes it an ideal choice for distance, diameter and level measurement or loop control.

The new robust, solid cast PBT housing is specifically designed and suited to industries where environmental conditions such as lighting, dust, industrial fumes and steam can challenge any sensors performance.  IP67 protection and Nema 4X and CE (EN60947-5-2) cULus (UL508) approvals all ensure an excellent sensing performance for harsh environments.

The UA30 sensors ensure optimal performance in industries such as wood, materials handling, food & beverage,  plastic & wrapping, HVAC,  plastic & rubber, agriculture, glass & ceramics  and automotive.


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